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this is the story of a girl

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[03 Sep 2006|10:38am]
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summmmerrrrr! [19 Jun 2006|10:01am]

summer is hereeeeeeeeeeee! having my license is amazing. thanks to everyone who has made this a summer to remember ALREADY. friday night toga party @ hennahs! saturday valencia & capitol risk show. mariah, steph, and i left at 4ish so we could get there early and there were TONS of people there already. i dont think i've ever seen a show at the holy trinity so packed. aaaaaa it was amazing. a lot of people from conestoga were there it was pretty cool i guess. called ed from delaware and made him come down. katie was busy playing tennis and we missed her tons. took pictures for her and wrote WE L O V E KATIE on our hands. sat on a stoop and called ourselves stoop kids. lost ed 5004086 times but the best time was when i tried to call him because we saw fred from tbs. we ran into him and i go "FRED FROM TBS IS HERE" and ed goes "HE BUMPED INTO ME" and i go "NO. FRED FROM TBS IS HERE." and ed is like "YEAH. I KNOW. HE BUMPED INTO ME." hahahahahha talked to him about ruggeriiiiiiiiiiii and hopefully it will pay off on thursday. sixflaaaaags with ed katie & steph :) so excited. sunday hung out with steph all day and ate watermelon with katie and ed at night. played in wilson park, saw a bat, got bug bites, and then bought food at superfresh. bought gary the hermit crab a lady friend named olga. she doesnt move much but she likes taking back sunday. SAW GARY! i missed that little crab so much. we got him a coco hut but it doesnt fit in his cage. blaaaaaah. work today and wednesday, then work friday & saturday. i need the $$$$$$$$.

i am a machineeeeeeeCollapse )
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happy 1/2 bday to me! [16 Jun 2006|04:36pm]
i am now offically a senior in high school. weird.

oh, and today i got my licenseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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9 days until junior prom hahahah [11 May 2006|06:06pm]
weeeeeeeeee haven't updated this little baby in a while. everyones getting ready for prom and everyone is so stressed out -- it's amazing! since i've updated last...wow...a ton has happened. i took my SATs and did awful, so i'm taking SAT classes and taking them again on june 3rd. JUNE 3RD IS ALSO ANGELA'S BIRTHDAY. since i havent updated about angela either, i got to see her in boston during spring break and it was SO fun. she's coming to visit this summer which will be superrrrrrr.

i saw third eye blind a few weekends ago. it was absolutely AMAZING. i love third eye blind, i've loved them since like 3rd grade, so that was an awesome experience for me. there was a lot of drama beforehand, which resulted in me calling up various people and crying but hey let's not go there haha. steph and i had an AMAZING time and i'll probably post one or two pictures from that show just so you can see that we had an amazing time (as we always do.)

i cant think of anything else that's really going on now. seniors at school left for internship sooooo we're seniors technically? haha its awesome i loveee it. today i scheduled my license test. it's in ONE MONTH & 5 DAYS. HOLYSHIT! i cant believe i'll actually have my licenseeeeeeee soon :)

fatih is coming to visit after i get my license. stoaked.

i took the AP Lang test and i think i did well. i guess we'll see when i get it back in july!

june 17th- valencia at holy trinity church in west chester. AAHAJKFN i miss them so much. i can't wait to see shane and give him a big hug because i feel awful about his loss. dana was a beautiful girl.

my life is really boring and instead of writing everything down i just take pictures sooooooo....

CLICK.Collapse )

did i forget anything? hope not :)
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[08 May 2006|06:45am]
i dont update this journal anymore :/
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it's a lie, a kiss with open eyes, and she's not breathing back. [27 Feb 2006|02:59pm]
yay weekend!! friday i went out to dinner with my mom, her friend arlene, and her daughter jordan. we went to south philly and ate in "little italy" aka the italian market. it was soooooo good yum. i love them!! jordan is amazing. she might be reading this haha. she's like "what are some good panic at the disco songs to download" and "you got me into fall out boy like two years ago!!!" she loves my sidekick and wants her own. how amazzzing. i always am really tired on friday nights so i went to sleep early. i woke up early. apparently early mornings are the new late nights. saturday i woke up before my mom. made coffee and burnt it. fuck. i had to make it again and it was better. went driving -- did perfect. i'm ready to get my license. my uncle came over for dinner and then he took me driving. went to parallel park but there was a line. wtf? turned around and came back home. went to bed early saturday night, too. woke up early sunday. steph came over around 1 i think. we couldn't think of anything to do so we decided to hang. walked down the street and borrowed wedding crashers from ali. i miss herrrrrrr. we ordered pizza and watched it. steph left at 7:45. i felt sick all day but took advil to keep me okay. woke up this morning and felt even worse. didnt go to school. boredboredbored. i have work 4-7. holla? no. i always get sick on mondays and tuesdays when i have to go to work. NOT THE SHIT. we're getting our little easter bunny soon. i dont know when. maybe i'll find out today. I LOVE MY JOB. steph and i took pictures obviously. we looked "crappy" but whatever. we took a video but you have to go to www.myspace.com/fatih to see it cause he uploaded it. wearetight.tightlikethis.||.fuckyou. im going to get ready for work now. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

it was a gift, todd, and i'm keeping it!!Collapse )
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i got your love letters, corrected the grammar, and sent them back. [16 Feb 2006|03:30pm]
new sidekick. hollaaa! life is (still) good. knock on wood! exactly four months till i get my license. umm, internet (minus angela) is pissing me off. since you always complain about your life, maybe you should stop being a bitch to people. i dont throw that word around when i dont need to, but i don't know what else to say. at least i'm going somewhere with my life......

this week:
+ valentines day
+ new sidekick
+ barely any homework
+ getting a rasie
+ bamboozle!!

i can't even think of any negatives right now. awesome. yoursupriseiscomingsoon.verysoon. hi friends.
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no, they'll never hurt you like i do. [02 Feb 2006|05:37pm]
good job using friend filters NOT. how about you be a man instead of hiding things? oh, what a concept. it's called chivalry. MIRIAM-WEBSTER THAT.

i like how people think i'm stupid. or maybe they think i'm naive. i'll prove myself that i'm neither eventually. oh, eventually...
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now i'm falling way too hard. [23 Jan 2006|10:29pm]
ya life is a flashback, a question, a photograph....Collapse )

i think that's it. midterms this week. math, english, us, spanish, chem. awesome. study sesh with the wpack tomorrow. lunch with heather finally. uuuuuugh long week. friday valencia. saturday houston calls. did i mention i'm in love? oh yeah, with a band and a boy. and a band boy. and a boy band. are you confused? good.
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[12 Jan 2006|07:29pm]

haha puppy
gotta stay fly-y-y-y-y-y-y-y till i die-e-e-e-e-e!Collapse )

funeral was today. RIP, emily schuster. words can't describe how much everyone loved her. you'd seriously have to see it to believe it. my friends are so strong.
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i made out with wolfpack girls at 12:00 ... ohhhh [01 Jan 2006|03:21am]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

ohoneohoneCollapse )
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[16 Dec 2005|07:49am]
sweeeeet sixteen!

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birthday week starts now! [13 Dec 2005|10:46pm]

meet my new baby digital slr!

sooo today at work i got my new digital camera. i'm not in the mood to update, but i really wanted everyone to know i got one because i'm really freaking excited about it. it's an olympus e20n digital SLR and it's BEAUTIFUL.

a few days ago my mom got me a pair of earrings to wear on TRL.....as well as a new shirt from urban outfitters. although i found out there's no TRL on my birthday [shoot mtv, thanks!] i get to keep my new shirt and my earrings. my earrings were more of a BDAY gift that i COULD wear on trl......and the shirt was just for TRL. the earrings my mom saw in a nordstrom catalogue and thought they were original so she wanted to get them for me. she took me to the mall, showed them to me, and i didnt really want them. THEN, i tried them on and they looked awesome.....so i was like :D THANKS MOMMY and we got them. pictures under the cut.

so yeah no more trl means no more love. kinda really bummed about that. i need to get this/him/us out of my system. i guess everything happens for a reason & i can wait. speaking of everything happens for a reason, i'm going with my BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST friends and im not bummed out AT ALL, even if i am missing TRL and my baby. nyc + best friends + sleepover + hotel party = life. "it's always better when we're together" i love these girls so much. i say it everytime i update but it's true. I CANT WAIT. new york city bday countdown-3days!

i probably forgot a lot but i dont care. oh ya. i'm going to see motion city soundtrack and the format in march. yaay something to look forward to. still pissed about panic not coming to philadelphia. i miss those boys a lot. /theend.

when hearts are beating, say what you want 'em to doCollapse )
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best icon ever. [06 Dec 2005|03:23pm]

everyone on my friends list should read it & love it.

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[03 Dec 2005|09:29pm]

wolfpack girls have theme parties! our first one was 80s night. obviously we dont need cars to have a good time. i took a lot of pictures & i have a shitty camera. i NEED a new camera. anyway, we made a video and we're going to send it to panic at the disco. it's really hot.....haha just kidding. we pretty much are complete re-re's, and i love us. DONTHATEUSBECAUSEYOUWANTTOBEUS, peaceout.

dontchya wish your girlfriend was...Collapse )
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[28 Nov 2005|08:44pm]
thanksgiving break was really good. i didnt update wishing anyone a happy thanksgiving, but i hope you all had one. everytime i talk to someone about their thanksgiving, they seem to mention how their family got into a fight about something. i am guilty, for my family too fought over stuff. i think it's funny that thanksgiving is a time when you're supposed to be thankful for everything, espicially your family, and most people [at least that i've talked to] ended up getting in some sort of fight.

i didn't go to school today. it was just one of those days where i couldn't bring myself to get ready. i actually got dressed and ready, but i felt so down and i couldn't put my mind to actually going to school. my mom let me stay home for two reasons. one of the reasons she let me stay home is because she knows how hard i've worked this year. i havent missed a day of school yet, and i've been really good about keeping up my grades. the second reason why she let me stay home is because of my dog, kaleb.

this morning when i was getting ready, my dog started acting really weird. like me, my dog is a creature of habit. since he has such distinct habits, it's easy for my mom and i to pick up on any change in attitude he has. he started shaking with a constant tremor, and he wasnt able to jump onto the bed or run up the stairs. i got really scared and started to cry [because i'm really attached to my dog] -- so my mom felt badly that i was so upset. my mom had a meeting in delaware at 10, so i went with her to that and sat in the car while she was in the meeting and did some of my homework. i got home around 11:20, and planned to go into school around 12:30. the reason i wanted to go into school is because i felt badly that heather had to play badminton by herself, and i was really bummed that i had to miss it because gym is seriously one of my favorite classes. so, my mom and i get home, and my dog is laying on the floor shaking. i freaked out and called the vet, and the soonest they could get him in was 2:00 pm. so, i stayed home the whole day. i layed in bed with my dog and held him for two hours. he stopped shaking after a while, but he looked weak and his eyes were really droopy.

we went to the vet and found out my dog probably had arthritis, and that bones in his back were probably weak. she said this was common in poodles, and she put him on this steriod. he has to be on the steroid for 15 days, and he's not allowed to climb up the stairs, jump on the bed, or do anything like that. we have to pick him up to do everything, and it's a hassle, but i'm thankful that nothing else was wrong with him. although this isn't amazing news, it's better to hear that it's arthritis, rather than some heart disease. (when we went to the vet in june, they said my dog had a small heart murmur)

so, i guess this is kind of late, but this thanksgiving, aside from a lot of other things, i'm thankful that my dog isn't deathly ill. i love him so much, and i can't imagine life without him. i have this weird thing about my dog and my dad. since after my dad died, my mom and i moved to pennsylvania, there arent really that many people that i assosiate with (besides my mom) that knew my dad. since my dog was alive when my dad was still healthy, my dog reminds me of my dad. although my dog doesnt understand, and might not even remember my dad, it is still a good feeling that my dog was around when my dad was.

i'm thankful for my best friends too. i feel like everyone gets annoyed when i talk about them, but i cant help it. i'm thankful that they stick by my side no matter what. this year has been kind of weird and shaky pertaining to my "best friend" issue, but things are they way they are supposed to be, i know it. this break i got to see my friends a lot, which was a lot better than just sitting at home and hanging out online. i'm not going to lie, there are some days when i just want to hang out in my PJs and chill, but this break wasnt like that, and i'm glad. I CANT WAIT TO GO TO NEW YORK CITY. i'm fucking ex-ci-ted. yessss.

since i dont make a 'christmas' list or a 'birthday' list anymore, i've made a personal things i want/need. i have a job, although i dont get paid THAT much, and i'm able to feed (somewhat) into my expensive habits. so far, i've decided i want/need three things. the first thing is a shower radio. mine broke a year and a half ago, and i still havent gotten a new one. shower radios are fun. secondly, i want a digital camera. mine is really, really shitty....and i think it's ridiculous that i work at a photography place and i dont have a nice camera. they're expensive, though, and i'm not up for making that huge purchase yet. LASTLY, i've recently fallen in love with a pair of marc jacob sunglasses. i frequent the store "solstice" in the king of prussia mall SO much that the people that work there know who i am? sadly, i'm not embrassed by this..although my friends might be. i tried on this pair on black friday, and almost cried before i had to take these off. i'll post a picture for you all to see under the cut.

i dont think i have anything else to say. i'm going to go take a shower and get ready for the week ahead of me. i've been sighing a lot lately. i heard that's a sign of anxiety. i'm not going to deny it, i'm getting kind of exhausted and nerved out about my grades, college, and other things. i guess it's just "that time of year."

go around a time or two, just to waste my time with youCollapse )

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emilys a creep: emilyismylife.com [20 Nov 2005|04:54pm]

those two girls are my best friends. i'd kill for them.

i decided it was time to update my livejournal again. i kind of gave up on the whole lj thing and pretty much only use it to read other people's livejournals. but that's kinda not really fair. it's like, having someone tell you all of their secrets and you not even telling them one. not that my life is much of a secret, though.

the last time i updated my livejournal was after the fall out boy concert. i think that day made me realize how much it sucks to get my hopes up so high. my hopes were SO high, that when october 9th finally came and went, i literally got bummed out. i'm over it now. i realized things about my best friends. i learned that the saying 'opposites attract' may not make any sense. in fact, i have a lot in common with my best friends and it's not a bad thing. i re-learned that everything happens for a reason. [going on the early r5, being in the front of the line, yelling "VALENCIA!," heather getting stuck in the back, etc.]

speaking of realizing things. i said i'd take everything i said back so that things would be the same as they were before. i take that back, too. i know this is for the better. i wish you would have just been honest instead of playing along for such a long time. i guess i'm being immature writing about you. i need to do this to let everything go. grow up. in your words "blocking people is immature." wait -- you did say that, didnt you?

hyp·o·crite n. A person given to hypocrisy.
hy·poc·ri·sy n. 1. The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness. 2. An act or instance of such falseness.

i'll end it with the funniest thing i've found came out of everything you've said. you said you felt like you had to worry about what you wore around us. last week you came to school one day looking like you got ready for school in MY closet. you make no sense. one more thing. CROP-WORTHY. stop complaining.

so. there's this boy. he's really amazing. i hope things work out this time. i'm tired of let downs. i'm tired of feeling not good enough. i want to be happy. there's this other boy. i wish he would get the hint. i am trying not to be mean. i hope i didnt hurt his feelings, i just changed my mind. there's boy whos going to read this and wonder which part is about him. keep wondering, wonderboy.

december 16th. sweet 16. "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to me, happy bIIIIIIRtHHHdaaaaaY!" i'm going to new york city with my best friends. we're going to be on TRL -- please watch us? we're sleeping over. new york is more fun when you sleep over. i love my liiife.

winter break. mmmm. sleep. yesss. i cant wait to see these three girls: emily. gwen. leila. as for christmas, i'll be in connecticut. as for new years eve.... its "berrisweet321: like 6 weeks" away. anyway, i have plans. top secret plans. shhhh.

january 6, 2006. hipv. love. houston calls. lovelove. valencia. lovelovelove. wolfpack girls. lovelovelovelove. ICANTWAIT.

things i neglected to mention in this entry:

halloween- it was amazing.
VALENCIA VIDEO CAME OUT - heather and i are in it. a lot. THANK GOD FOR DAVE.
laguna- it's over now. i'm bummed. all i have to say about it is: it's the end of the beginning.

that's all for now. i think. xoxo.

i've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch...Collapse )
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:) [10 Oct 2005|09:53pm]


and meeting

after being right in front of


best day of my fucking life.
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[19 Aug 2005|11:21am]
fall out boy + the starting line + motion city soundtrack + boys night out + panic! at the disco + october 9 + wolfpack girls = best day of my LIFE
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[25 Jul 2005|11:06pm]
laguna beach is my life.
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